Discovering the mountains of Bilbao

Walking around the hills of Bilbao with the Café La Granja

Paul Calderon heads the Café La Granja, one of the bars of the Route Bordon around Bilbao, and other emblem of the city. He is a wine lover and has two courses as oenologist. For him the perfect marriage of a good red wine as Rioja Bordon would be “meat or a cheese”.

Discovering the mountains of Bilbao s de BilbaoWhen he is not at the Café La Granja, Paul likes to go to txoko (local of gastronomic societies), have some wine with friends, or walking through the hills, a very typical activity among locals and those who enjoy their free time surrounded by nature.

The city offers a number of itineraries that can be made from all districts without having to take the car.

  • From the 1st district, from the Park Sarriko, you can reach the Monte Banderas taking a walk of 4.8 kilometers.
  • The district 2, City Hall, is the starting point to begin a path between paths leading to Etxebarria Park.
  • The access road to Mount Abril, in the 3rd district, part of the Europa Park and has a length of 7 kilometers.
  •  In the 4th district, from the Larreagaburu Park, you reach the top of Santo Domingo.
  • From the Plaza de la Cantera, in the 5th district, on a trail through forests passing through the Bolintxu you reach Ibai Eder Park in La Peña.
  • Mount Pagasarri is the most visited hill by locals. You can reached it from the Plaza Moyua, in the center of Bilbao, after walking 9.4 kilometers and overcome a height difference of 347 meters.
  • In the 7th district, from Eskurce Park, you reach the meadows and picnic in Mount Arraiz.
  • Since Termibus station, in the 8th arrondissement, you can access the Kobetamendi Park that features barbecue grills, a fountain and a leisure area.

And after a day out in the mountains of Bilbao end at the Café La Granja and ask for a ‘pintxo de tortilla’ accompanied with a Rioja Bordon, because with Rioja Bordon energy is replenished much better.

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