Carpen Diem te lleva de ruta turística por Madrid

The plans of Carpe Diem in Madrid

Carpen Diem te lleva de ruta turística por MadridCarpe Diem is one of the bars of the Ruta Bordón in Madrid. Juan Carlos Murillo is one of the waiters of the bar. “Tourists love the paella and the tapas, specially those of ratatouille, Spanish omelette, and smoked salmon. We also prepare food for people who are celiac, and we have daily menu”.

The 90% of Carpe Diem customers are foreign. “Germans come the first day, thay sit in the terrace, and they spend the rest of the week here drinking wine”.

Juan Carlos loves the architecture of the area. “I really like to contemplate the architecture, but people ask me about shopping. I tell them to go to Gran Vía or Sol. But I prefer to watch the buildings: I like the Madrid de los Austrias, the Royal Palace, the Debod Temple…”.

One plan he recommend is to see the ruins of Ópera. The Metro Station has an area of ​​200 square meters where you can see archaeological remains of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in what is the largest underground archaeological museum in Madrid. The remains were part of the old Plazuela de Peral, current Plaza de Isabel II, and are the source Peral, Amaniel Aqueduct, which administered water to the Royal Palace, and other hydraulic elements discovered during construction remodeling of the station, such as Arenal Raceway.

The ruins are very nice because they show you how Madrid was formerly” recommends Juan Carlos. For a ‘more’ sporty plan, no doubt: Madrid Río. However, “most people want to party so we recommend Huertas area“. Always after taking a Rioja Bordón, because Carpe Diem is one of the bars in the Ruta Bordón where if you present your ‘coupon bordón’ (you can receive by mail or by downloading and printing it via our website) they will invite you to the second glass of Rioja Bordon. Because with Rioja Bordon, you will live Madrid much better.

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