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La Bola tavern.

C/ Bola 5. See on map.

Awarded in 2012 with the prize Spanish Food Restoration, La Bola is a family restaurant located in the center of Madrid that is still cooking, since 1870, traditional recipes to serve their customers the best of Spanish cuisine. La Bola is known for its quality products, its bustling atmosphere, and its main dish, the ‘cocido madrileño’, prepared as before, in simmer and oak charcoal in individual earthenware pots. This centuries-old technique has a number of technical difficulties, and the development of each pot involves four hours resulting in one of the best cooked in the city.


El mejor cocido de Madrid

"Me encanta. El mejor cocido de Madrid. Además hay un montón de cosas en su carta por si no te gusta el cocido".

Cristina Peñalver, Madrid

Cundo vuelva a Madrid, regreso

"He visitado este restaurante en diversas ocasiones y la verdad es que los años le sientan de maravilla. El cocido es su plato estrella y es el mejor que he comido. La ropa vieja es muy recomendable, el servicio es bueno, y siempre está lleno de lugareños que aprecian la buena comida española. El precio es razonable. Cuando regrese a Madrid sin duda vuelvo".

Ramón, México

Como a nosotros nos gusta

"He ido dos veces a este restaurante y, la verdad, que en ambas me encantó. El cocido es uno de mis platos favoritos, para mí el compango es de lo más importante, y en este caso es excepcional".

María Madiedo, Pamplona



Calle Bola 5, 28013 Madrid
+34 915 476 930


Our opinion

labolaLa Bola is a must on a gastronomic visit to Madrid for its careful attention and exquisite food which highlights its famous Madrid stew.


  • Eating in La Bola, one of the things to do in Madrid as the Lonely Planet.
  • The general information newspaper ABC believes that the Madrid stew of La Bola is the best in the world.
  • A Castilian cuisine ‘sanctuary’ as described Guía del Ocio.


Making your reservation at La Bola through the website you can access other great entertainment experiences in Madrid.

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To develop a good Madrid stew is necessary to put the chickpeas to soak overnight.

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