Lugares secretos en San Sebastián

Secret places in San Sebastian

Who does not know the Kursaal, Miramar palace or the Peine del Viento? San Sebastian has stunning corners, however, there is much more to do you will not find in guidebooks. We reveal some of the secret places in San Sebastian, but please, do not tell anyone.
  • Virgin Lourdes sanctuary 

Climbing Mount Igeldo from Ondarreta you will find a small sanctuary to the Virgin of Lourdes, known as Lourdes Txiki. You will arrive there through a road next to the restaurant Rekondo.

  • Katxola village

Caserío KatxolaKatxola village is one of the few remaining examples of Baroque farmhouse. Located in the Paseo de Oriamendi, in the neighborhood of Ayete, this type of settlement, familiar plant for the production of cider, presents an adapted design to their productive specialization so it is a building of great typological originality. The Katxola village was restored and moved from its original location to a close in the late 1990s and is now used as a house of culture. It has also given its name to a nearby street.

  • Campanario Street bridge

It is almost unnoticed by the people whom every day walk under its bow. The bridge is located on Campanario Street, the highest of all the old part of San Sebastian, which gives evidence that there existed a hill, according to the first settlement of the city.

  • The English cemetery

It is one of the most special places in the Monte Urgull. It opened in 1924 as recall and recognition of British soldiers who died in battle in 1813. It is a military cemetery in which are buried soldiers and officers from other wars fought in the city. A mysterious corner to be visited.

  • Monte Ulía

Although everyone knows where it is, few decide to climb it, making its beauty still largely unknown to many. Monte Ulia, a few kilometers from the center of the city, is full of trails in the woods or along the cliffs, and the views are breathtaking.

And after visiting all these places do the Ruta Bordón por San Sebastián, because with a Rioja Bordon you will appreciate more the beauty of San Sebastian.

* Post inspired by Tokitan Tv


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