Going for a run in Madrid? Better with company

Improves health, reduces the risk of disease, promotes the stimulation of growth hormone also known as the natural fountain of youth and beauty, prevents bone loss, relieves stress, increases self-esteem, improve health mentally, and helps control weight.

There are no excuses to go running, but if it is hard for you to start, you’d better go with more people. In Madrid there are groups of runners that meet a fews days per month to share a sport that each day has more followers.

It is common to see many of these runners around the Retiro, one of the places most frequented, but in Madrid there are many alternatives.

In Casa de Campo and Dehesa de la Villa, two of the favorite sites for runners Madrid, it is possible to perform very different routes, depending on the level of each runner. Foreigners opt for the temple of Debod, with superb views.

The center, which includes the Paseo de la Castellana and the Salamanca district, is a good way to train for many popular races that run through this route, and in Chamberi, Santander Park is the perfect choice for those who want to run away from the bustle of the city.

Engage in running groups will serve you as an extra motivation as it will increase your desire to improve your own marks. In addition, you will meet new people, discover new routes, and have fun while exercising your body.

The Club de Corredores was born from the “union between athletes and sports fans who want to be part of a community based on personal and collective improvement”. They meet once or more a month and undergo training for all levels. They charge an annual fee of 20 euros but are committed to helping you achieve your goals, they offer discounts on popular races, and every Thursday it is possible to run in the P.M. josé Caballero 20: 30h to 21:30.

Mujeres que corren  (Women who run) is the first social movement aimed 2.0 that encourage women to exercise and raise funds for research into childhood leukemia. In their meetings there are an average of over 200 women and they organize not only tours of Madrid, but also in other cities.

It is also possible to participate in forums or communities where you concrete time and place for hangouts. In Runbanclub or Forofos del running you can meet other athletes who are near your home or workplace, to go running and only move to the beat of your legs.

Any time is good to start ‘burning shoes’, what are you waiting to overcome your own challenges?


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